I am an applied economist and statistician with ten years of experience managing and analyzing large datasets. I am passionate about communicating technical information in a compelling way to help others make informed decisions, and I build statistical models with interpretability and a take-home message in mind from the start.

While my work is grounded in a disciplinary perspective thanks to my graduate training in economics, my research is broadly informed by insights from relevant social science.

Some of my past research includes topics related to immigrant wages, immigrant language choice, infant mortality, property taxes, the cost of regulatory compliance, demand for postal products, the impact of intensive hog farming operations on surrounding areas, energy efficiency, consumer behavior in regulated industries, and hedonic models of property values near power generation facilities.

Research Interests

  • Primary: Regulated Industries, Economics of Migration, Maternal/Infant Health.
  • Secondary: History of Economic Thought, Feminist Economics, History of Women in the Profession.


  • I live in Portland with my Cardigan Welsh corgi, Wilson.
  • In my free time, I'm teaching my dog dance routines to obscure 1980s pop songs and trying to eat my vegetables.
  • I love flexidiscs and fanzines and the international pop underground.